HIMYM - Barney Stinson

What We Once Had - A Liam/Naomi Fanmix

As I said before, I'm not a fan of 90210. The show is a piece of crap. Period. Even Navid/Adrianna, that I used to like, was screwed up. Probably I'll never forgive Adrianna for what she did. Silly girl. But what can I say? The second season is better than the first one - and much more better than the new season of Gossip Girl, which I used to like. A lot. The reason I watch 90210, you ask me? Liam Court, ladies and gentlemen. He's hot and messed up and I can't deny a good bad boy who's in love with an adorable - yet pointless sometimes - bitch like Naomi Clark. So here's a fanmix from her POV! :D

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Glee - Kurt Hummel

Mr. Cellophane - A Kurt Hummel Fanmix

Why in hell there's no Kurt fanmixes around LJ? You bitches better recognize the firceness of the guy and show more love for him, ok, as I did with the fanmix under the cut. I tried to create a playlist that Mr. Hummel would like, and personally, I have to say, the result is a list that I like a lot, too. I suggest you to take a look at the original size of the cover, because the thumbnail screwed with my artwork. :(

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